ED/A Programs

This is a list of programs that I am familiar with. If there is a clinic or program that you would like to see added, please contact me at dreamingofconceiving@gmail.com.

NEDC (National Embryo Donation Center) home study required, FET done on site, **

Snowflakes FET done at your own clinic, home study required, provides education, legal guidance, clinic coordination and post-placement assistance.

Miracles Waiting: a site for donors and recipients to find each other; $150 for recipients to join the site; you have to take care of legal documents, shipping and anything else regarding the transfer of ownership

New Hope Center for Reproduction:

California Conceptions : double donor program; high success rates; fees are $12k

Cedar Park: FET done at your own clinic, home study required

Embryos Alive FET done at your own clinic, home study or dossier required

Center for Human Reproduction

CCIVF (Cooper Inst. Repro.Health)

California IVF

Embryo Adoption Awareness Center: 

Embryo Donation International anonymous, approved and open donations available; **quoted price from clinic is $7500 but patients have claimed to pay less

FIRM Jacksonville anonymous only, **embryos seem to always be available, price is $250 for phone consult, $3150 for the FET.

CARE: **psych evaluation required and costs $400, to trips needed, prices are over $4000 for the FET

Magee-Womens UPMC (Pittsburgh):  anonymous only, **around a year wait list; fees between $7k-9k

Fertility and Surgical Assoc. (CA): **year plus wait list; $1100 legal fees and $3600 for the FET; $265 for the phone consult but that fee comes off of the FET fee later

Inst. for for Reproductive Health (OH)

New England Fertility

CT Fertility

CNY Fertility Center (NY)

**denotes that the info is from a patient or potential patient and not the clinic directly and is just for informational purposes. Please call to verify this information with the clinic.